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New album Meanwhile

Tuesday, March 26th, 2024

In April 2024 we will release Meanwhile. A new album consisting of archive material of the band, including live recordings made for the VPRO radio program Music Hall by Jaap Boots and of a performance in the upstairs hall of Paradiso Amsterdam in 2005. That same year, Pondertone was named as ‘one of the coolest bands in the Netherlands’ and our album Snake & Apacolips ‘a Dutch masterpiece’ by Kindamuzik magazine. In addition, Meanwhile contains a number of songs from the unreleased album Fate Presto (2005), demos and rarities. Meanwhile will be free to stream exclusively on bandcamp from April 11. All tracks from the album have been remixed by Roel Jorna and mastered by Martijn Groeneveld (Mailmen Studios). During the full band release show at DUMSTAGE on April 12 we will play songs from Meanwhile including this raucous rocker Give it to you, that was intended for Fate Presto. Get ready for an eclectic potpourri of moody whiskey bar songs and derailed guitar rock. Watch the trailer on youtube.