The Time Machine, EP out now

Let us take you back to ‘the Good Old Days’ with the Pondertone Time Machine. You’ll relive the years 1998 – 2003 in twenty minutes. Those were the days of prosper and opportunity. But loneliness and longing as well… Available for streaming and download on all digital platforms. On our bandcamp page you can order a digital or physical replica of the Time Machine Sketchbook.

The new Christmas song is not a happy one. It reflects the mood I’m in this time of year. In the dark days of December we seem to forget what is going on around us. It seems we can’t learn form the past. Instead of joining hands to help each other and save the planet, we quibble, quarrel and fight about our own short term problems. While the climate is changing at top speed, people are starving and war is raging, populism, nationalism, and even fascism are taking the stage again. Let’s make a change now. Let there be light. You can listen to The Darkest Christmas Of All on all streaming services and download it from all platforms except Amazon. On Spotify it has been added to the Playlist containing all Pondertone Christmas songs. Please watch the video on youtube.

October 21st we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Pondertone with an exclusive performance at Villa Concordia in Utrecht. A splendid time was had by all.

Struinen In De Tuinen (Strolling in the Gardens)

On 8 July, the Pondertone Time Machine will be installed at the cozy ‘Fummy’ courtyard at the 2e Daalsedijk in Utrecht during the Struinen in de Tuinen (Strolling in the Gardens) Festival. On that day I will take you back to the Good Old Days, the period 1998 – 2003. It was a time of progress, growth and change. There was no banking crisis yet, refugees were still welcome and David Bowie and Rik Mayall were still alive.
In the Time Machine I will play some Pondertone songs from that time. I will sing about loneliness, loss and sadness while I accompany myself on my old guitar, de Stofbol (Dust Bunny). During the performances you can take a look in the logs of the Time Machine for drawings, sketches and twisted thoughts. There will be no reason to panic. Everything will be more or less alright in the end, and we will travel back to the present together.

2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Pondertone. We are going to celebrate this with all kinds of special performances and fun events. All of this will be announced here, but if you really want to be among the first to know, you can subscribe for the newsletter or follow Pondertone on Facebook.

In these dark days Pondertone lets the children speak for themselves. They do not want gifts at all. Keep the handkerchief at hand, sit back and enjoy all Christmas videos by Pondertone, one after the other.

Pondertone Jukebox at the Showman’s Fair

At the Showman’s Fair, on August 25, the Pondertone Jukebox will only play requests. From 19:00 to 22:00 we will play three special live shows. You can choose from a list of songs from various artists, ranging from David Bowie to Herman van Veen and Phil Collins to Justin Bieber. To top it off, you can enter your favorite song of all time as a Special Request. If we (try to) play your song you will win a unique Pondertone T-Shirt, with the title on it. Location: Berlijnplein, Utrecht – Leidsche Rijn.

The gap between rich and poor is increasing. The earth will soon reach boiling point. Racism and discrimination are becoming more common. Meanwhile political leaders put the blame on ‘the other’, just as they did in ‘the good old days’. Join the revolution… of love and compassion. Buy this T-shirt for €15 (shipping not included) and help spread the message. Mail to for more information.

New single: Where Did Love Go?

On March 7 we released our new single. The past 19 years I rarely mixed in the political debate. Now it seems the situation world wide is going out of control. The gap between rich and poor is increasing. The earth will soon reach boiling point. Racism and discrimination are becoming more common. Meanwhile (political) leaders put the blame on ‘the other’, just as they did in ‘the good old days’.

The accompanying video on youtube explicitly shows what it’s like to live in a world without love. Screaming gulls fight over food, stuff themselves and even revert to cannibalism. At the same time you see the behaviour of mankind and the results of it.

On March 15 elections are held in the Netherlands. Untill then I try to save what I can by distributing posters and sending cards trying to convince my fellow countrymen to vote with their hearts for respect, peace and tolerance. Buy the download on our bandcamp page, for $5.30 (or more) and receive two posters (international shipping not included). If you subscribe to Pondertone through Lukida, you get lots of extra’s for one year (including the new posters). Don’t let the gulls take control!

Where Did Love Go?
Release: 7 maart 2017
Stream & download: Pondertone on bandcamp
Video: youtube
Streaming: all platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.

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