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Warning: Selotape Frankenstein has come to Spotify

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

1Selotape Frankenstein3 years after it’s release our debut album Selotape Frankenstein has been (re)mastered and uploaded to Spotify.

It sure ain’t funny how time flies. A little over fifteen years ago I moved to Utrecht and started working on a couple of tracks that would eventually lead to the birth of Pondertone in 1998 and the release of Selotape Frankenstein in 2001. The album received exactly three reviews, all of them positive and promising. (Thank you GUN Magazine, LiveXS and another one I can’t remember) Nevertheless it sold no more than 35 handcrafted CD-copies, the other 15 were given away to my friends who helped me along the way and sent to magazines and record companies (only one of them replied, thank you Excelsior Records). As far as I know none of the CD-copies still plays today.

All sounds/words/pictures by Patrick Tersteeg 1998-2001.
Post-production/mix/veggie-food by Roel Jorna 2000-2001.
Mastered by Patrick Delabie 2012.