15 march 2020
Café De Stad
Lange Jufferstraat 58
Live show and DJ-set
15:00h, Free entry


27 november
Moira Unplugged
19:30 h, Free entry
Wolvenstraat 10
, Utrecht

7 july
Struinen in de Tuinen
Three shows in a garden.
Mr Tripkade 53, Utrecht
Free entry

30 march
The Time Machine
Live show and EP-book presentation
theatercafé de Bastaard
Jansveld 17, Utrecht
20.00 h
Free entry.

31 january
Gluren Bij De Buren
Live in Patrick’s livingroom.

Pondertone 20
Anniversary show
21 october
Location: Villa Concordia, Utrecht

The Time Machine
15 september, 16:00 h
Location: Nijverheidskade 15, Utrecht
Free entry

Struinen in de Tuinen
The Time Machine
8 july
Three solo performances in a garden.
13:30 h, 15:00 h, 16:30 h
Location: 2e Daalsedijk (across from 14) Utrecht
Free entry
(please donate)

The Showman’s Fair
Pondertone Jukebox Live Show
18 & 19 May
Location: Het Domein, Weesp
Entry: €3,00 (one coin)

The Showman’s Fair
The Pondertone Time Machine
20 & 21 May
Location: Het Domein, Weesp
Entry: €3,00 (one coin)

(T)Rotsoord Festival
The Time Machine
21 april
Two special solo performances in a caravan.
12.00 to 19.00 h
Location: Camping Ganspoort, klein-berlijn
Free entry


Pondertone Jukebox
25 august
Three unique shows between 19.00 and 22.00 h
Location: Showman’s Fair, Berlijnplein, Utrecht Leidsche Rijn
Entry: €3,00 (one coin)

Struinen in de Tuinen
2 july
Time: 13:00 / 14:30 / 16:00
Location: Soesterweg 412, Amersfoort
Free entry (voluntary contribution much appreciated).

Election Night Special!
Tivoli/Vredenburg, Rabo Open Stage

15 march
Time: 22.30
Location: Tivoli/Vredenburg, Rabo Open Stage
Free entry. (The Elvis Costello concert is sold out, but we are playing the after show on the Rabo Open Stage in the central hall)

Gluren Bij de Buren Amersfoort
19 february
Time: 13:00 / 14:30 / 16:00
Location: Louis Armstrongstraat 45, Amersfoort
Free entry (voluntary contribution much appreciated).

Gluren Bij de Buren Gooise Meren
12 february
Time: 13:45 / 15:15  / 16:45
Location: Torenlaan 2, Bussum
Free entry (voluntary contribution much appreciated).

Make Christmas Great Again!
18 december 2016
Tijd: 14.00 tot 18.30 uur (elk heel uur)
Locatie: Kerstmarkt in de Snorfabriek, 2e Daalsedijk 14A. In de Soundcontainer.
Tickets: €5,00 (Pondertone abonnees GRATIS)
Toegang tot de Kerstmarkt is GRATIS.

Showman’s Fair
Vrijdag 9 September

Theatercafé de Bastaard
Celebrating 15 years Pondertone at de Bastaard
Friday 17 june, 21.00 h

When: Friday 1 july, 20.00 h till late

Festival Ruige Weide
When: Sunday 3 july, 16:00 till 21:00 h

Lukida festival, Amsterdam
Saturday 4 june, 11:00 till 23:00 h

20 maart, Gierstraat 77A Rood Haarlem. Gluren Bij De Buren. We spelen om 13.00, 14.30 en 16.00. Toegang is gratis (vrijwillige bijdrage welkom).

31 january, Hopakker 26-bis Utrecht. Gluren Bij De Buren. Times: 14.30, 16.00 and 17.30. Free entry (voluntary contribution much appreciated).

9 january, Altstadt Eindhoven. Uncle Harry + Pondertone. 21.00 h. Free entry!

12 december, Left Of The Dial Festival, dB’s. Tickets €10.

2 december, Burgerweeshuis Deventer. 20.00 u. Gratis toegang!

14 november, Paard café, Den Haag.

8 november, Muziekcafé de Gigant, Apeldoorn. afternoon show, 16.15 u. Free entry!

7 november, special album release show, Ekko, Utrecht. 20.00 u. Support Moon Moon Moon.

1 november, De Hip (Plato Deventer), instore, 14.00 u. Free entry!

1 november, Mansion24 (Plato Apeldoorn), instore, 16.30 u. Free entry!

29 oktober, Plato Utrecht, instore, 19.00 u. Free entry!

11 augustus, Theater Festival Boulevard, late night show, 0.15 uur.

5 july, Klapstoelconcert Koekoeksplein Utrecht.

25 januay, huiskamerfestival Gluren Bij De Buren.

28 oktober, Pondertone (full band) support voor Harlan T. Bobo. dB’s, Utrecht, 20.30, 7 euro.

22 April, Het Domijn, Weesp.

10 October, Café de Stad, Utrecht. Pondertone try-out, Tom & Patrick -with guests. 20.30 Free entry.

29 August, support for the Light Brigade EP release show, Little Devil, Tilburg. Free entry.

14 August, Festival Boulevard, Den Bosch. Toen we nog deden alsof de snelweg een rivier was, after-party with Pondertone and the Boston Tea Party, 23.00 – 1.00.

24 February, Ekko, Utrecht. Pondertone (full band) support for Richmond Fontaine

14 February, Exit, Rotterdam. Valentines Day Special with Pondertone & Silent Photograph, free entry.

20 December, Ekko, Utrecht. Pondertone (Patrick & Tom) support for Absynthe Minded

8 November, 15:00 – 0:00; Close Watch Festival, with amongst many others, Pondertone

8 may, Oranje Koffiehuis, Arnhem, 22.00h. Pondertone (Patrick, Tom & Roel)

25 april, Art and the City, Bos en Lommerplein, Amsterdam. Pondertone, more or less acoustic (Patrick,Tom, Roel and Gerben) 12.00h.

14 September, 13:00 – 17:15; Ekko, Close Watch – Festival voor Opmerkelijke Muziek. Pondertone will give a preview of their self-organized festival. With perfomances by the Stilettos, Krampfhaft, Pondertone, KWIVR and many others. Free entry! Check back for more details.

25 April, Utrecht Draait Door regiotour. Videos from bands from Utrecht and acoustic Pondertone (Patrick & Tom) performance. Bibliotheek Maarn, 19h00. Free entry

19 April, Rode kruis bloesemtocht. Gig for charity, at the riverside near the city of Deil.

9 April, Utrecht Draait Door regiotour. Videos from bands from Utrecht and acoustic Pondertone (Patrick & Tom) performance. Bibliotheek Doorn, 18h30. Free entry

19 january, Ekko, Utrecht. Pondertone and Mondo Leone. Presentation of ‘Utrecht Draait Door‘ videoclip project. With two live shows and lots of musicvideos including our brandspanking new video directed by Rinske Verberg for our brandspanking new track Give It To You. 20.00h, 7 euro’s entry.

13 september, Ekko, Utrecht (support for Tom Helsen), 20.30h.

9 september, Theatercafé de Bastaard, Utrecht, Uitfeest: Pondertone and guests, 16.00h, Free entry.

9 september, semi-secret prizewinners livingroom show, 21.00h (invitation only).

22 may, Neude stage, Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht, 21.00h, Free entry.

23 february, Theatercafé de Bastaard, Utrecht, video presentation and acoustic set, 20.00h, Free entry.

19 januari, Effenaar, Eindhoven, Café Concert, 23.00h, Free Entry.

12 januari, Plein 79, Den Bosch, Utrecht Speelt Uit, with Try Drowning. 22.30h.

6 januari, Nederland Drie , Wateringen, Utrecht Speelt Uit, with Mr Love & the Stallions. 21.00h.

15 december, Live In Your Living Room presents Utrecht Speelt Thuis

7 october, Ekko, Utrecht Speelt Uit, 20.30h

25 august, In Vervoering, Park Lepelenburg, Utrecht

12 july, Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam

8 januari, Live in your livingroom, Utrecht (reservation required)

16 December, Theatershow Aluin Winterhard and Pondertone (Patrick&Tom) acoustic. 20.30h, Rozentheater, Rozengracht, Amsterdam (reservation required)

16 December, Pondertone perform Sonic Deterrents. NDSM Werf Amsterdam (invitation only)

26 November, Paperdome (Life Is Live Festival), Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht)

8 November, Tivoli (Hommage aan Herman van Veen), Utrecht

2 November, Paradiso (LiveXS Local Heroes), Amsterdam

18 October, de Foyer (Frederik Hendrikstraat 111), Amsterdam

24 May. Desmet Studio, Amsterdam, live for VPRO Music Hall, venue opens 20.30h. live broadcast from 21.00h to 22.00h on VPRO 747AM

3 April, dB’s, Utrecht (special album releaseparty with live performance)

16 february, Café de Stad, Utrecht (Utrecht Plugt Uit)

27 january, dB’s, Utrecht (Club 3 voor 12 Utrecht)

16 november, Café Theater Borra, Hof 25, Amersfoort

20 oktober, Café De Stad, Lange Jufferstraat 58, Utrecht

1 oktober, LVC, Leiden

25 september, Zur Möbelfabrik, Berlin

16 september, Ekko Utrecht (support Paper Moon cd-presentatie)

18 augustus, Tivoli, Utrecht (support Kaizers Orchestra)

9 maart, Unflitzed, Cafe de Flitz, Rozenstraat, Utrecht

21 january 2004, Silent Minority Uproar, Paradiso, Amsterdam

4 january 2004, Sneaknacht, Ekko, Utrecht

2003 and before

7, 8, 21 en 22 november 2003, Theater de Maan, Utrecht

20 Oktober 2003, Het Hoge Woord, Winkel van Sinkel, Utrecht

12 oktober 2003, “Zonder Stekker Zondag” in Zindering, het theatercafé van de Utrechtse Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht

7 September 2003, Plato Muziekcafé, de Gigant, Apeldoorn

10 augustus 2003, Café Ik, Theaterfestival de Parade, Amsterdam

22 juli 2003, Café Ik, Theaterfestival de Parade, Utrecht

12 juli 2003, Café Ik, Theaterfestival de Parade, Den Haag

3 juli 2003, Minerva X-Rated, Simplon, Groningen

29 juni 2003, Tofpopfestival, Roosendaal

20 juni 2003, Café Ik, Theaterfestival de Parade, Rotterdam

16 juni 2003, Kaasschaafcollectief, Gerechtsgebouw, Utrecht

24 Mei 2003, Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht

16 Maart 2003, Pondertone CD presentatie Silence Is Now, Stairway to Heaven, Utrecht

25 November 2002, de Zondag van de amateurkunsten, Ekko, Utrecht

2 September 2002, Lazy Sunday Afternoon, Muziektent in Park Lepelenburg, Utrecht

2 September 2002, Young Guns, Stairway to Heaven, Utrecht

1 juli 2001, Finale Geheim van Utrecht, ACU, Utrecht

9 juni 2001, CD Presentatie Selotape Frankenstein, O’Leary’s Irish Pub, Utrecht

7 December 2000, Open Podium Awater, Studio T, Utrecht

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