February 2019
Jelle De Ru of Dutch internet newspaper NUK wrote an article about our liveshows in our own living room during the Peaking At The Neighbours’ (Gluren Bij De Buren Festival), containing beautiful photos.
“The music sounds as cheerful and colorful as the decor of the room full of comic books and children’s toys in which the performance is given.”

Writer Saskia Koopmanschap also visited one of our shows during Gluren Bij De Buren and wrote a very nice piece about the Pondertone Time Machine.

December 2017
Menno Pot of Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant chose Make Christmas Great Again as Track of the week. “‘Who took the merry out of Christmas?’, is the question Utrecht based guitar band Pondertone ask. Christmas rock for those who start to cringe when December comes.”

November 2015
De Krenten Uit De Pop calls From Now On “one of the best records at the moment”. (in dutch)

MPodia says From Now On is “solid proof that things happen in Dutch underground that are a lot more interesting than the mainstream would have us believe .” (in dutch)

White Room Reviews about From Now On: “Pondertone provides hope that will make even the most lily-livered scaredy-cat leave his shelter.” (in dutch)

Tempelores about From Now On: “The attention to details is what makes the album remarkable.”

Platomania about From Now On: “A good new album from what some call the nicest band from the Netherlands.” (in dutch)

3voor12/Utrecht interviewed Patrick about the new album: “I have the conviction that we are doing something very special”. (in dutch)

An excellent review by Het Schaduwkabinet. “… a kaleidoscopic cross-fertilization of Ivor Cutler, Mark Lotterman, Pavement, Johnny Cash, Lou Reed, Blur and Eels. In addition, they also bring a handful of instant classics…” (in dutch)

Kindamuzik interviewed Patrick about the new album: “Songs between frenzy and wonder”.

October 2015
The first review of our new album has arrived. According to Rudolf Music: “The album ‘From Now On’ is well worth the wait. (in dutch)

October 2014
3voor12/Utrecht interviewed Patrick about the past decade in music. (in dutch)

August 2011
Monday 29 august Pondertone played support for the EP release show of the Light Brigade. 3voor12 Tilburg wrote a nice review. (in dutch)

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