Pondertone Christmas 2023

Anyone hoping for a new Pondertone Christmas song this year will will be disappointed. I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to say this year that I haven’t said before. Pondertone’s ‘new’ Christmas album is literally old wine in a new bottle. For the artwork I used sketches that I found too depressing last year. The gray, pixelated image you see may appear to show christmas trees but what you see actually is a forest fire. Merry Christmas (in spite of it all) contains all 12 Christmas songs we have made over the years. You can listen to the album on our bandcamp page or any streaming platform of your choice.

You can watch the playlist with all our christmas videos on youtube.

Our favorite Christmas blog Christmas Agogo posted an extensive blogpost in which I share my thoughts about the ins and outs of our tracks.

merry christmas (in spite of it all)


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